What we do

distylerie is a design agency based in Zurich. We distil and design the essence of your brand to implement it coherently for a powerful design experience.

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IDENTIFY ESSENCE — We distil the essence of your product or brand to create a foundation for all your media channels. This casts your entire communication from one mould and generates intense customer experiences.

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Mindset / project setup

By defining goals together we set the project in motion.

Positioning / exploration

Strategic focusing shows creativity the way.

Design direction proposition

From the brand story flows the look and feel of the design.

Develop basics

Detail-adjustments on the basic elements shape the character of the identity.

Design Experience Essence

The brandbook captures the distilled essence.

Implementation / GO live

Using powerful implementations, we bring the developed essence alive.

Core competence — To help our clients define their vision and then translate it visually. The elaborated basics in turn lead to clear guidelines for the design. This simplifies the path to implementation and gives the brand a strong, unified character.

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Project DNA

REACH TO VISION — Our DESIGN EXPERIENCE ESSENCE model has proven again and again to be the DNA for an incredibly strong brand. We are happy to provide more information on request.

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Team Ecosystem